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Yoga shoot and Lorne

January 28th, 2010

Jan 2010

Yoga shoot for Gina Kenny and Eureka Towers. It is a joy when you meet someone who has great energy and enthusiasm for life, someone who shares their gifts. That is yoga with Gena Kenny. I was reasonably determined about this one, an invitation to join Gena Kenny for Yoga on the delightful Lorne Beach. Only hours before it is due to begin I witnessed one of the true magic times – sunrise over the East Coast of Australia. The night before I’d worked hard at my politics…….Johnny and i negotiated training mornings at Lorne (the biggest arguments in our house seem to center on who gets to be up at 5thirty to train in the mornings!). So it was my morning, couldn’t be better, up at dawn, a decent 1hr10 run, along the coastline, a dip in the ocean, followed by yoga with Gena and watching Billy at Nippers. One of the true joys of life. More later, save to say that doing yoga that morning with Gena encouraged me to manifest my dreams.
A week later I worked with her on her yoga shoot for Eureka towers….

Delightful Lorne

At Lorne enjoying life and writing. Billy loving the Nippers and doing great as usual!
My Happiness presentation is coming along well and ready to go.
Yoga shoot for a friend Gina Kenny on Tuesday and back into things.
Love Grace


All is well in my world. The last few years have had their tough times you can say that for sure and a few important things I have learnt is trust myself, gather support, go within and heal and have a laugh too. I love each day, training myself, developing my abilities in both sport and and work, being amongst and calling out to nature, watching my son try his best and watching Cosy grow.

Ive slowly learnt that its more important to me to have a good solid determined effort at something and learn in the process than what the outcome will be though its great to have goals and visions driving me forward.

Flower essence therapy (which I am now qualified in on top of personal training) is something I continue to study. It is about the way our mindstate affects our lives and is an incredible tool to improve health and well-being. After all, it is our internal world which connects and creates our external world. The word fitness to me needs an overhaul to include emotional, mental and spriritual fitness as well as strength, power and aerobic physicality.

I’m off to Port Macquarie on Thursday for a half ironman, my first race back after bub and I’m looking forward to it -