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Grand Prix

March 26th, 2010

Very busy day yesterday, hosting the autograph sessions for all Formula 1 Teams at the Grand Prix. Meeting and having a chat to drivers and helping the fans get their moment with their heroes was awesome.

Just finished up at a Sportsnet function at Crown too, good people, great times to be had by all who want to book a fantastic travel experience = why not choose a sporting event around the world and enjoy!. Met a few West Aussies, Sydneysiders and Kiwis here for the Grand Prix and they are ready to have a good time.! It was fun to reminsice on being face of Grand Prix, my involvement in motorsport off the track and a few experiences like the Mark Webber Challenge over the last 7 or so years.

I’m flat out with work for four days and trying to balance family so 4 days of training bar a couple of 30min-1hr runs.

My presentation of Happiness and Wellness is falling into place easily. Brochures done now and Craig at SBP will be taking bookings and all looks good.

My Hawaii ironman dream is calling, like the beat of a drum. I’m trying to qualify for the full ironman in October and will have a decent crack at the Hawaii half where there are qualifying slots on offer.

I’ve narowly missed at races around the world – Korea, Arizona and Hawaii so I’m looking forward to June.

Bed now – gorgeous kids then work in morning!