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Heading to Hawaii

May 29th, 2010

May I have the blessings of Madame Pele and Makani the wind spirit as I venture to Hawaii for the second time on Wednesday. It will be the 6th time I have entered a qualifying race for the Hawaiin Ironman triathlon. My journeys have taken me to the tiny island of Jeju in South Korea where we rode our bikes 180km around and through the island. To the dusty plains of Arizona (where I feel I became conscious of my soul for the first time at Sedona the world wide mecca and place of Spirituality). To the legendary and mythical Hawaiin Big Island, where I met my spiritual mentor Sapphire for the first time and throughout the states of Australia too.

I now have a new bright light in my life in little Cosy to match the glowing love and fun of John and Billy and all my family and friends yet the road in many places has been tough, hard, emotional and I have had to dig deeper than I ever knew was possible to overcome personal hurdles and external problems too. I’ve learnt to always look for solutions, not problems.

The external treacherous and passionate and enlivening voyages around our world seem nearly symbolic of the inward journey I have taken, learning about myself, life, love, hardship and emotions. In some ways my journey is only beginning.

On a practical note, I did a great run ride taper sharpen this morning and feel really good – the conditions in Hawaii are very tough and I am also mindful to be aware of what my body needs to stay rested and sharp through the flying voyage from Aussie land.

Gotta Go, Cosy’s awake.