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a busy few days

August 18th, 2010

It was a busy few days as I had a beautiful night hosting and acting MC with all our special guests and the Tassal Team on Tuesday for the launch of the Tassal Shop Kew..It looks amazing! Love the feeling of being part of a successful, talented and passionate team event.

Yum…. Gabriel Gate, showed me how to make the easiest little yummy healthy Tassal salmon bites and i had a look at his cute little book….’Taste Le Tour’ with the whole Tour De France cycling theme..awesome! www.gabrielgate.com has more.

Billy’s footy break up last night was great – coaches and helpers have really put in to make the season so valuable for kids in so many different ways including all important for kids self-esteem.

Now back to being at home with little one for a few days and to get some study done, errrr and fold some washing (yuk).