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Tassal Salmon Shop, Kew Opening Night

August 25th, 2010

I saw a nice shot/piccy from the Beautiful Tassal Salmon Shop opening night in Kew.

I finally finished one of my Fitnation assignments for my personal training continuing education – CEC’s yesterday. So soon I can add being qualified in pre and post natal exercise to my PT experience. I am fascinated by the changes pregnancy, birth and post-natal times bring to a womans body. The gift of fertility is amazing. I have learnt so much from having my own two children and also from the sharing and observing my four sisters and their pregnancys and birth’s (i have 9 nieces and nephews!) Hormonal changes are very significant because only tiny amounts of hormone changes which will occur during pregnancy result in some big changes in a womans physical and emotional body.

If you know someone pregant or who has just given birth they really need supported in this time as these changes can be difficult to deal with emotionally.