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change and decisions

September 10th, 2010

After speaking with those closest to me and some of my mentors and guides and listening to my intuition I decided to change management for my future media work. I now am happy to say I am working with Craig MacGregor from Sports Bureau Promotions and that he will be negotiating future forms of media contracts, work, ambassadorships and speaking/hosting engagements.

I have achieved much success with my past management at ESP including contracts with International sporting companies, radio and television network contracts and hosting and mcing events. It has been fun to be part of the team at ESP. I have also learnt a lot along the way to set me up for the future. It was time to move on and I’m appreciative for the good times and good success that has been had.

Regarding the change, it feels good working with Craig MacGregor, he is honest, very professional, easy to deal with and its a bit of fun too. We look forward to future work.