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skin beauty and health

September 27th, 2010

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ?  It makes sense we need to look after it for our health and if you are a woman in the 21′st century you might be more inclined to relate it to beauty.  It makes you feel fantastic when your skin is glowing in a beautiful way!

Genetics, our hormones and the environment we live in plays a part in what our skin looks likes and how healthy it is.  Yet, we can make a huge difference to the look and feel of  our skin by how we look after it and what we eat.

I now use on my skin a simple organic aloe-vera oil morning and night (care of my beautiful expert sister IL Ezara) and remember when I am doing it that it is a simply caring thing to do for myself.  It takes about 1minute!  This works for me because my skin is naturally not oily and I live in a dryer climate.  So you will need to look at your natural genetics and where you live.
SPF 30+ or more when I go outside- sun damage is very aging so wearing a hat and sunscreen goes without saying – especially doing sport activites

That means – staying hydrated, drinking water and eating foods for skin health and beauty

  • salmon – rich in vitamen E, q10, and omega 3s and rich in antioxidants. check out http://www.purebeautyfood.com.au/
  • omega3′s are essential fatty acids which are needed by the body but not produced by the body so you need to eat them… like salmon, oily fish, flax/grapeseed/ oils, walnuts (essential fatty acids) 
  • anti-oxidant rich foods especially fruits and vegetables with rich colours like berries – acai, blackcurrant, blueberrie, raspberry, apple, carrot,