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October 18th, 2010

What do you think of Angels?  Wikipedia says that they are messengers of God…

So,  I suppose it depends on whether you believe in God or not?

There is a quiet agreement to disagree in our house on the subject.  I think John’s favourite book last year was ‘The God Delusion’ or something like that,Yet Billy and I laugh that off and im happy to say my belief is pretty simple.

God is good and  God is love, that is all.  Get it. I love words and the uses of them.  GOOD is the same as GOD. Similar words, same meaning.   Thats it, God is warmth, empathy, compassion, creativity, love, care and acceptance of ourselves for being imperfectly human. The divine is our connection to everything, nature, each other, the universe and of course God.  I don’t get caught up in any religion other than that.

So do I believe in Angels?  Well it just so happens that I dreamt of mine last week.  He was magnificent, the most enormous, powerful, electric being of light and strength I could never imagine and it made me feel comforted afterward.  It felt so real. I delightedly told Johnny the next morning.  Needless to say he wasn’t quite as excited as me.  To be honest, (I don’t know how I would feel some stunning gorgeous winged messenger was visiting him in his sleep, I’d probably be confused between wanting to converse with this magical being and yelling at her to keep away from husband) but still anyway, his response was to  somewhat enthusiastically mumble,
“mmmmmmm yeah, sounds good,”

So for the record, yes I do absolutely believe but I fully respect if you don’t, we are all different and see the world differently.  Personally,  I like the idea of a gorgeous blonde winged messenger of goodness and the fact that he appeared in my dream is like a double dose of gorgeousness don’t you think?.:))) So beautiful angel….you are very welcome to continue to be around.xxxx