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Helping make others feel happier

November 14th, 2010

Around our dinner table today I asked my little family members and a friend of Billy’s, how they go about making other people a little happier.  I loved their answers and it was quite hilarious.

  1. Make people laugh, this was followed by huge and multiple burps from John and uproaring laughter from around the table!  (..Lucky we weren’t discussing manners!)
  2. Encourage them – especially if they are lonely and don’t have many friends, brothers or sisters it might make them feel much better
  3. Play with them – fun and play are great and a great way to share experience
  4. Listen to your friends – sometimes just listening to them, really paying attention without giving advice or judgment or anything else just makes people feel a little more heard, and a little happier

This was followed by plenty of  burping, laughing, pretending to not listen and jokes and fun.  Good times.!