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Completion and work

February 16th, 2011
There is a lovely sense of completion for this stage of the book’s manuscript.

There is still work to do. Life goes on.  I really hope that this book is able to contribute to other’s happiness and perhaps empower others with tools that have helped me in my life and through some of my darkest moments.

I especially feel guided in my work towards mothers, carers, coaches, protectors and nurturers.  It is my intention that this book will help them see how wonderful they are and to encourage and empower them to let their gifts and talents out.

I love my life, I am blessed and I affirm this to myself every day. Powerful affirmations are one of the tools that I teach in a realistic, fun and helpful way in the book. It is all about the ‘feel’ of how you say something.

It is still my intention to be on ‘Dancing with the Stars.” It would be fun and I’d love to do it for the charity that I am directly involved with, “TLC for kids.” I am told the cast will be announced in coming weeks.

My manager is having good conversations with various networks at present on the work side of things, there are good opportunities and I enjoy working with good people.

I love you and accept you exactly as you are.
Love Grace