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The words fly out because I am alive

March 26th, 2011
 I love the way that when I write I can pour out my heart and my true self; I think this is why I love writing and why I am so happy that I am publishing my first book.  Anyway just a few thoughts for today. It may be helpful for you to think about the ways that you love to express your beautiful soul;
Do you love to write, draw, speak, meditate or use your body in physical action such as a sport? There are so many ways for us to express ourselves and our creativity, what are your gifts that are ready to be released?

Perhaps you are a muse? Perhaps it is fashion, beauty, craft, cooking, decoration.. there are so many different individual ways for you to express your beautiful soul, so go do it!

I’m off to watch Billy play footy this morning, enjoy your day.
Love Grace