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A great life and new goals!

May 19th, 2011
I am sitting here looking out my window onto our beautiful creek, I have about five minutes before I need to wake Billy, Amelia and get into school drop off and creche routine for today.  I also need to get a decent swim and a speed bike done and get organised for friends coming over for dinner. 

So I’ve set some more triathlon goals – woohoo!  I’ll be doing Yeppoon and Shepparton and possibly a few run races so I’m really looking forward to that.  I’m also really going to try to improve my swimming – I’ll hold the intention on improving and keep it there. From my experieince, you really can do what seems impossible if you stick at it and hold your intention on what you want to achieve and keep at it.

I like to remember what there is to appreciate about life – appreciation is one of the keys to happiness. So today, I appreciate that I have a healthy body, mind and soul! I appreciate my wonderful family, my beautiful chidren and my relationship with John. I appreciate a peaceful country to live in, that there is plenty of work and that I have all I need.  And I appreciate that I have triathlon goals to look forward to!