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Speaking from the heart and common sense

July 3rd, 2011
I had a very enjoyable day on Saturday where I spoke at the Shepparton Football and Netball Club.  Shepparton is a pretty and peaceful town, two hours drive from Melbourne and when I arrived it felt good to be around my fellow country people. I’m very fond of Shepparton – it is on the way to my outback home and also where I posted a big 8 minute pb for running in a half ironman in 2005! I found the atmosphere and energy at the club to be a mixture of loyalty, growth, hope and  passion and I sensed a slow and steady build in momentum.  It was an excellent example of a community coming together in the healthy pursuit of sporting dreams and passions.

For some reason, I’ve always found it easiest to speak and write from the heart – from the compassionate, good, caring and genuinely loving place within.  I think this makes it easier for me to then share my experiences with others, with the aim of contributing to their lives in a positive way.  I have found that when your intention is pure and that you are conscious of your intention, your fears lessen and you are able to do the work that you set out to do more easily. In other words you can be of service to others more easily.

What I like about my speaking work is that it is grounded in my real life and my intention is clear – to contribute to the wellbeing of others in a profoundly positive and expansive way.  

I love to speak about goals, belief, self-worth and achieving the impossible dream and how I have learnt that it is equally important to have a balance in life and be happy with who you are, your relationships, your community and how you are spending your time and energy. 

The way I see it, we do not know how long we will be on this earth – we could die when we are one hundred or much, much, much less likely, any day soon – I dont think this is necessarily a bad thing it is simply the way life is.  I think it is better that we accept this, spend our time wisely and in a way that we will be happy with when it is all completed. For me that means making sure I live through my heart and develop my relationships – with myself, with others, with Mother Earth, with nature and with the Divine Spirit - in a grounded way.

It is my aim that I can help others to release their gifts and talents.

This might sound like common sense to you – in which case that is fantastic! I have heard that the thing about common-sense is that it isn’t that common!  

Love Grace