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Go live your passionate life

August 5th, 2011
Go – live your passionate life!

I love to ask myself what I am passionate about, or in other words what ignites my flame within and makes my soul sing?

Today I ventured to a writer’s workshop with Hay House Publishers @”Jeff’s Shed/The Exhibition Centre” in Melbourne. The workshop was fantastic – I now feel ready and excited to share my new book with my readers and audience in my home town of Melbourne, other Australian cities and towns, regional Australia  and the world.

I also feel inspired to write more books and am confident the best is here in the present and there is more wonder, fun and amazing precious times to come.

I feel so happy because through my writing, images and book, I am sharing what I have learnt to empower, inspire and motivate myself with my readers because I know they too have the power within to create amazing and wonderful lives.

I am also very inspired with the news that Ironman Melbourne arrives in 2012 – I am putting up my hand for that for sure as I love swimming, riding, running and experiencing all of that with others too. I love the personal challenge that an Ironman Triathlon presents.

I am sending you my blessings and I love you