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Intuition and decisions

September 23rd, 2011
We’ve had some important decisions to make recently and I am continuing to make these mostly on my intuition. I certainly use common-sense and logic too and make sure I am connected to the ‘real world,’ I sometimes ask trusted friends, family and colleagues what they think, yet ultimately I ask my intuition, Eli and my angels. Sometimes I am guided spiritually and the thoughts, images, dreams and feel that comes up is becoming clearer and clearer. I think it is like a muscle being used and growing stronger. It’s vey important to continue to connect to the real world too when doing this work so that you stay grounded – we are spiritual human beings after all.

I’ve learnt too that it’s not to be used for selfish, harmful reasons – it just doesn’t work on horse racing,  so sorry to those would be get rich quick punters!   It works for soul purpose good and common good of community – for peaceful and loving reasons. It definitely works for choosing the best foods for my body to eat for my body to flourish – often before choosing a meal I will ask myself:
“What can I have that will nourish my body and soul and be delicious and enjoyable too?” The answer usually jumps out at me in a vision or, if we are in a resturant, on the menu. 

But back to decisions, I’ve also learnt that sometimes when faced with decisions it helps to remember that you can always make the best decision that you can at the time and that’s always enough.

Often, it takes strength and courage to listen and follow your intuitive voice, your inner compass and make decisions that ultimately you think you will be happy with in the long run. It’s never too late to start, and if you forget one time, you can always try to remember the next time. Sometimes I even put my hand on the skin on my stomache to get a feel for my ‘gut feel’ my ‘intuition’ in a situation.

Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself that some things are just not worth stressing over and it’s great to cherish life’s moments and flow with life easily.

Everyone has their own opinions and can make their own choices, that’s the beauty of being an individual. Your deepest core values I think are reflected in your intuitive choices so beginning to pay attention to these can also help you find direction in life. 

Listen to your intuition and cherish life – mine is telling me now to go to bed and sleep! Good night:)