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Monday morning organisation tip and act of self-love

September 6th, 2011
I just wanted to share a tip that really helps me.  Monday mornings after school/creche drop-off, I take a moment to sit down with my diary and a cappuccino at a favourite coffee-shop and plan out my week.

It’s very simple – but to me it is a form of self-coaching, self-love and self-personal training. I take the time that I need to work out what is important to me and living my soul-purpose life.  It also helps me see the big picture and prioritise what’s important to me/needs to be done sooner/can wait/doesnt need doing/can be delegated and so on from  family, work, training, helping with charity events, Billy/Amelia commitments, school events, triathlons, book marketing, writing and so on.

I think it also helps get all the different things on my to-do list from out of my head and onto an organised page, thereby reducing the overwhelm and creating a plan of little achievable steps.

It’s a little act of self-love that helps set up my week.

I hope this helps and go create some wonderful days this week!