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What is it that you love, love, love?

October 2nd, 2011
I love to think about what I love and so to keep things simple and get you thinking, I thought I’d share some of what I love, in note form:)

  • The feel of my little girl’s hand fallng into mine as she says, “hol my han mummy?”
  • Billy’s arms around me for a big big cuddle saying “I love you so much.”
  • Watching the sun disappearing through the trees just through our creekside home and the beautiful glowing light that tells me it’s what John and I call ‘magic time’ as it happens
  • training and racing 
  • writing
  • reading
  • The fact that as the years go by I’m less and less worried about trying  to please others and more and more focused on living a loving live and being  accepting of myself, my body, my feelings, thoughts and intuition
  • I love being closely connected to spirit and listening for guidance in every moment of every day in every way
  • love living in the real world and feeling closely connected to Angels 
  • love being healthy
  • running down hills and feeling really fit
  • cycling along an ocean road
  • talking to Johnny about lots of things
  • my house filled with family and love
  • laughing at swimming training
  • sitting at cafe to enjoy a cappacino and the paper
  • waking up in the morning and telling myself i love and accept myself and I love life – it really helps set up my day
  • finishing a big project that was tough and fist pumping and getting excited
  • being excited about life!
  • doing something really well
  • steamed vegies and fish
  • a big laugh for any reason
  • getting loving feedback from friends, family and fans
  • horses and horseriding
  • being in nature
  • swimming in the ocean after a run and gettting completely refreshed
  • beautiful hair
  • watching Johnny and Cosy cuddling
  • exquisite colours in clothing
  • watching incredible athletes performing at their sports
  • when I accept and overcome negative feelings, yes I really love that!!
  • achieving something I thought was impossible and sharing it with special people around and connected with me

TThere is so much there to love and live for, that isnt even a bucket list!  - so yeah, there is plenty to love iin  life!