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Christmas time – the joy of giving and receiving – and a beautiful message today.

December 19th, 2011
It is Christmas time – a time of giving and receiving and definitely a time for reflection as the year winds down and we think about what this last year has bought with it.  I love Christmas, it makes me think of family, Summer heat, the ocean and pools, swimming and hanging out in your bikini’s, delicious salads and a beer out by the  BBQ, Xmas eve drinks with friends with family, opening presents, surprises, music, champagne, Haigh’s chocolates and late afternoon sleeps. It also means another year is nearly gone. Time passes and with it comes joy, sorrow, surprises and expected events, moments of happiness and laughter intermingle with those of sadness and disappointment. I have learnt that if we can watch these feelings come and go without reacting to them and still staying positive and sometimes find the humour in them and have a laugh life is even more intoxicating. By learning to be focused on the process of what I am doing and finding meaning and engagement in your life then I have learnt that ultimately, you really do become happier, more peaceful and enjoy life more.

Anyway enough of that little reflection – For this blog – I am going to cheat a little and use a reader’s words instead of mine because I am so thrilled to receive messages almost on a daily basis on how much people are enjoying the book, it is inspiring them and they can’t put it down!  I am going to quote a message I received today from Amy, whom I am yet to meet yet has been given my book through Johnny friend. I  think inspiration is amazing in that as you give, so do you receive. I will be sharing other’s readers words too soon and for now, here is Amy’s message:

“Thank you for writing your book. You are amazing!! So incredible, beautiful and inspirational. I see myself in so many parts of your life and to see how you created so many positives and such a wonderful life is comforting. I loved the honesty and purity of the book. You are so brave to have put pen to paper so eloquently! This weekend just gone I actually met Johnny and Billy. They were so lovely. He is such a beautiful little boy. Very sweet. And what a little spunk. After meeting him and spending even the shortest amount of time with him, it’s easy to see that you truly are a wonderful mother. After reading your book, I feel strong and empowered! I’m ready to set new goals! And I’m looking forward to taking your affirmations and using them to turn my dreams into reality…”

Personally I think Amy has a gift with words!

Many Blessings and enjoy your Christmas season.

Love Grace