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Wellness for you

May 3rd, 2012

Dear Friends,

You are wonderful, you are beautiful and you have talents and gifts to share with the world. After speaking at a few events over the last week, I wanted to summarise some wellness ideas that work for many and might be helpful for you:
  • Love yourself, exactly as you are right now. 
  • Practice kind self-talk and affirmations, remind yourself of the good job you are doing and that you are a loveable and a valuable human being.
  • Include fresh healthy live vegetables and fruit wherever you can. Personally, I love organic veggie and fruit juices 
  • Sleep – prioritise your rest, turn off electrical equipment/facebook/etc so your mind can relax a few hours before bedtime, make your bedroom a warm inviting and restful place, develop nurturing and good, kind rituals before bed, this is especially important for kids
  • Simplify, overall we are too complicated and busy, there is beauty in simplicity.
  • Exercise, it doesn’t have to be huge, studies show that 3x20min per week of cardio activity – like walking is great for well-being and mental health
  • Water – drink good quality water and stay hydrated
  • Laugh – no need to take things too seriously, especially yourself!
  • Set goals and be happy with your achievement as you are taking the little steps to meet your goals.
  • Accept negative emotions and look at what isn’t working so you can let go and overcome them
  • Celebrate what is working!
  • Contribute to others happiness and be grateful for the good people in your life
  • Remind yourself of the good things/people/events/qualities in others and yourself … as gratitude is a key to happiness
  • Be assertive, honestly communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings in an appropriate and clear way. This communication values both yourself and other.
  • Follow your joy
  • Follow your passion
  • Listen to your intuition and connect to Spirit and Mother Earth
  • If you feel guided to, connect with your Angels
  • Write a gratitude list of 5 things you are grateful for.

Love and Peace and Blessings