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Contentment, happiness, joy, well-being, The Big Island and Melbourne

June 17th, 2012
A moment of inspiration – Noosa Beach


I am feeling a deep contentment, intuitively in life. Don’t get me wrong, I feel all types of feelings every day: negative, positive, expansive, contractive, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, joyful, reflective, confused and lots more and I am still happy knowing that my life is going in a direction that I truly value.

I am so not perfect and I am feeling perfect being not perfect and I am watching and participating in life with joy and love as it unfolds….  I think that might just be the human experience itself.

I have returned from a recent trip to the big island of Hawaii and feel content. While being on the magical Big Island makes me feel amazing, it is with true love and gratitude that I am home in Melbourne – although it is sometimes freezing cold!  It’s funny because in chasing my dreams around the world in the form of triathlon and career I have actually rediscovered my true blessings at home again. This time, I have come home without a huge burning ambition ….. yes, without a huge burning ambition and I’ve realised that’s fine, in the place of this huge burning ambition, is a mixture of feelings and gratitude with the life that  I have. This life is imperfectly and perfectly beautiful with John, the kids, family, friends, nature, Spirit, Angels, The Divine, my book and my work. The best word that I can find is  contentment. I’m happy to keep working on bringing more love to the world in my own little ways.

It’s also nice to realise that no one else knows your life like you do, they also don’t necessarily share the same beliefs or values and that is cool, no need to judge or criticise –  make the best decisions for you and stay focused on contributing to others happiness – it always makes you feel good.

Anyway – Cosy is hiding under the covers of our bed… with John and Billy laughing with her and waiting for me to go the park. So off I go!

For the record, here is the Wikipedia  definition of Contentment, I am pleased to discover that others also link it to happiness and well-being. Now that is more of my life’s work!

Love Grace

-In many ways, Contentment, which can be defined as the state of being satisfied, can be closely associated with the concept of happiness. In Positive Psychology social scientists study what might contribute to living a good life, or what would lead to people having increased positive mood and overall satisfaction with their life.[4] Happiness, in Positive Psychology, is defined in a twofold manner, which in totality is referred to as Subjective Well-Being. How much positive emotion (Positive Affect) as opposed to negative emotion (Negative Affect) does a person have, and how does one view one’s life overall(global satisfaction) are the questions asked in Positive Psychology to determine Happiness. Maybe Contentment could be more associated or closely related to a person’s level of satisfaction with his/her life (global satisfaction), but nevertheless the idea of Contentment is certainly intertwined in the concept of what makes people happy. Positive Psychology finds it very important to study what contributes to people being happy and to people flourishing, and finds it just as important to focus on the constructive ways in which people function and adapt, as opposed to the general field of psychology which focuses more on what goes wrong or is pathological with human beings.[5]