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From my readers – thank you for some praise on the book:

June 17th, 2012
Here is a little post with some lovely feedback I have been receiving on the book. Thank you to my wonderful readers for sending it to me.
Love Grace

“Thank you for writing your book. You are amazing!! So incredible, beautiful and inspirational. I see myself in so many parts of your life and to see how you created so many positives and such a wonderful life is comforting. I loved the honesty and purity of the book. You are so brave to have put pen to paper so eloquently! After reading your book, I feel strong and empowered! I’m ready to set new goals! And I’m looking forward to taking your affirmations and using them to turn my dreams into reality.”

- Amy

“From the moment I started reading I couldn’t put it down! Over the years, I’ve collected my own library of spiritual books which I’ve turned to on many occasions in time of need, your book now takes pride of place! Isn’t it amazing when you put pen to paper and open up your soul others do the same! I do believe we “pick our parents” to learn valueable life lessons, I firmly believe I’ve had a Guardian Angel watching over me because I’ve been blessed with a good life. Real richness doesnt come from money but from people, thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much for adding to the richness of my life. I’m in awe – I admire you so very much!”

- Jan

“Congratulations on the launch of your book, “You are a Wonderful Mother.” – So honest and inspiring – well done! You must be very proud of your achievement in writing the book and giving joy and inspiration to the many people who will read it. Not only should you be proud of your book, but of your two beautiful children”

- Jimmy

I have just finished your wonderful book!! What a great achievement for you it was a truly inspiring journey and even though we grew up together you can never really know what someone else is going thru- It amazes me at how many similar thoughts and feelings we have about being a mother I honestly believe it was my one true calling in life- I also believe that my two beautiful girls chose me to be their mum and I also believe this is my chance to inspire and help these two beautiful girls become what ever they want to be.”

- Lucy

“Just finished your book! Amazing! I could not put it down, was so angry needed to work today and had to leave it till after work! U r an amazing person who is very inspiring! U have helped me register on my first tri, small one albeit, but so excited for the challenge! Let me know If u free to train me! Lol! Well done grace, I hope others enjoy this book as much as see the parallels to their lives and success waiting to be embraced! “

- Simone

“I just wanted to say a huge congratulations on your book. Well done you! I have just had a read of your website and all about the book and it sounds extremely inspirational I look forward to reading it. I salute your courage and energy to share the blood, sweat, tears and emotion that depression engulfs your body, mind and spirit with. It can only help others to open up themselves, seek help, know that they are not alone and not going mental and most of all talk and know its not taboo. The light will and can shine again :o)

Congratulations again on all that you have achieved. From one busy mother to another much love, light, peace, joy, hope and wonder for a special and grand year ahead for you and your beautiful family.”

- Hayley

“Enjoying your book Grace, you should be very proud of it.”

- Lachlan

“An amazing story about a great person and how important life is for each of us and being around the right people.”

- Rohan