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TV Commercials and Angels

July 20th, 2012
This week has been a busy week for me, modelling is becoming busier and busier, I shot a TV national commercial which will air for twelve months, and was busy at casting agents for more work.

In the TV commercial, it was great to be working as part of a team again and bringing in skills from TV presenting and acting.  I am more aware then ever of the entire crew, cast, production, agents – all with important roles that make a great TVC.

I am being spiritually guided in life by my own angels and I am constantly surrounded by a great team of family and friends in a very grounded way, I’m eternally thankful for this.

I am being asked more and more frequently in life and work about Angels and for spiritual guidance and felt today that it was important to share this little piece of spirituality for you…

  • It has been my experience for some time now that I feel the guidance and protection of Angels in a safe, non-threating, loving and peaceful way.  Angels are loving ego-less beings, they want to help people and are always happy to be asked to help.  Everyone has Angels, not everyone wants to ask for their help.
  • You don’t have to be special to hear, feel, sense and know their presence is with you. Angel energy is glowing, warm and peaceful and helps you to feel calm. 
  • Sometimes Angels appear to you in dreams and visions, you know it is an Angel when  you feel safe, warm and protected and sometimes you just know.
  • I completely understand that many others are not interested or may not be guided in that way and it doesn’t matter at all:)
  • Angels love to help you in life and the only thing they ask in return is a simple thank you. One little affirmation that is constantly with me and that I find helpful is this…
  • “Dear Angels, please guide me in every moment of every day, in every way and please guide me in ways so that I know for sure.”
Okay it’s back to the kids and everyday weekend life now. Amelia is getting over a little gastro which has been yuk (I’ve asked her angels to heal her, am checking her temp, making sure she gets fluids in am giving plenty of cuddles and she is on the mend)..
Create a wonderful weekend.
Love Grace