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"You always make the best decision that you can at the time."

July 11th, 2012
I’m home in the outback at the moment with my father, sister Chrissie, her husband Bill, their sons Will Jack and Harry, and my children Billy and Amelia.  It’s beautiful and wonderful here getting back to the basics of living well and being with my family and on the station. 
Sometimes, you can’t beat getting back to your roots and the people and places you love.
Today, I feel like writing about decisions because I know for sure that a lot of healing can come when you give up any guilt in life and allow yourself to keep moving and taking your life in a valued direction. 
Personally, I don’t believe in regrets, I gave them up a long time ago and that is definitely one of the best decisions I ever made! 
I’ve also learnt to give up guilt because it’s simply not helpful, it’s like worry, they are both useless, neither make any problem any better, they just waste time and eat you and those around you up with negative emotions. The way I see it you are far better off to focus on solutions, accept where you are at and stay focused on taking your life in a valued direction. Then you are more free to enjoy your life, get on with whatever needs to get done… You might even find yourself flourishing:)
To finish, I’ll share with you one of the most healing statements that I have ever taught myself to believe  and a beautiful photo of my sister Chrissie getting the fire going at Trevallyn.

“You always make the best decision that you can at the time.”