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Our Balcony Organic Garden – with Amelia Grace Stevens

August 29th, 2012
Today I want to share a little clip of Cosy and I making the most of what we have. 
She helped me plant bok choy, lettuce and baby spinach around a month ago and now the bok choy is looking pretty good, so we picked it together and threw it in a yummy stir fry for dinner last night. 
Okay so I know that this isn’t enough to to feed a family, and you can hear the wind in the background on the little clip, still though – the point is I’m trying to teach her through experience the connection of caring & growing living food so that we can eat it. So she gets to understand in real terms where the food from shops comes from. I love to eat lots of Organics when I can and to cut back on stress, I don’t worry when it’s not possible or realistic. I’ve noticed lots of great Organic shops that stock reasonably priced foods and supermarket chains that do Organics well, so that helps with cost.  
I share more about Organics in my book, if you are interested. I also wanted to let you know that the Book’s Melbourne Inspirational Soul Sister Seminar is on November 16th – so come along if you can. Details on my website. www.gracemcclure.com.au
From one busy person to another, take time for yourself, i love u. Hope you like the clip! Let me know what you think!