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Video Blog – Listening to your Intuition and living your authentic life.

September 19th, 2012
Hi Soul Sisters and Brothers,
Here is a video blog from this morning at home. I am thanking you all for your ongoing support, love, care and encouragement with my book. It feels like it is my third child in many ways and it is coming up to it’s first birthday soon! 
As part of our community, we have nearly twenty, fabulous Mum’s On The Run ladies running and walking in the 10km and 21km events in the Melbourne Marathon – look out – what an inspirational bunch of women these are. We also have our first Men on the Run Team this year – so if you are interested, email me.
I’m also thrilled to be the MC of ‘Can Too’s’ raising 10million for Cure Cancer party in Melbourne at Fenix. 
If you are not well, take care of yourself and do what you need to do to be healthy. If you are well, great, enjoy it. I’m here for all of you to remind you to take care of your precious selves. The main message that is coming through for me at the moment is to nourish yourself, heal and listen to your heart. 
On the media front, I interviewed and did the cover for a Magazine last week and they are interested in me writing for the magazine later on which is good too – it will help provide a platform to share messages to help people be healthy and happy. 
Take care of your special selves, nourish yourselves, listen to your intuition and trust that you know your life and works well for you. 
Keep up your great work in your communities!
Love Grace
P.S. Fiona, my sister and I went to a Hay House, “I can do it.”  seminar in Melbourne and one of the key themes that I took away from it was to be honest and let go of other people’s opinions of you so that you are free to live your own authentic life. (There is a great book that goes into this in more detail by Cheryl Richardson, its called, “The art of extreme self care,” Hay House). They might not like you or what you do or the way that you live your life and the sooner that you are free of trying to please them, the sooner you are able to release negative attachments and heal and move in to the goodness of your own life. Here is the v-blog…