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Achieving your soul-singing goals!

March 25th, 2013


Hello my amazing and inspirational friends,

If you are reading this blog then, chances are, you want to achieve some big dreams, so this, is all about how:)

There were some massive sporting events over the weekend,  so a super congratulations for all those people who watched, participated, encouraged and supported in Ironman MelbourneRun for the Kids and the State Surf Life Saving Carnival. What a big effort, life-time achievement and tribute to a healthy life-style this is!  Well done! It sure is something to tell your grand-kids about, and even better, it’s showing them how to live a healthy life-style by being an excellent role-model. So in a tribute to achieving all types of goals and enjoying the journey, in this blog, I’m going to show you how.

A life-changing experience

Nine years ago, I hadn’t done any exercise for three or four years following the birth of my first son… and, I’d had enough, I wanted to get healthy, fit and happy. So I decided to try to do the impossible, to start running, and even more impossible, I decided to try to run a marathon, without walking, in eighteen weeks time. The best, strangest and most miraculous thing is, I did it! And it changed my life. It made me passionate about teaching other’s how to break through their own barriers and achieve their life-long goals, in sport and in life.

Image below (my first marathon finish with my son Billy, courtesy Herald Sun).




a)  Identify the dream that makes your inner being light up, that gives you a little buzz inside… what is your passion?

Maybe it’s physical, or maybe not. Maybe you are thinking about a business idea that has been germinating in your mind for a while,  a book, a website, renovating your house, a family holiday,  a fitness goal/running event/triathlon or maybe it’s even finding a love of your life and having a baby! I’m here to let you know that all these are nearly always achievable. All you need is a plan, a guide and consistent effort and energy – then it is amazing what can be done.

The first step is to identify and clarify exactly what it is that is super important to your heart, your soul, your inner being right now. It’s clearing away what does not matter, what isn’t important and listening to that ‘feeling inside,’  listening to yourself. It’s listening to hear what is truly meaningful to you. What, if you were at the end of your lifetime – would you be glad that you had spent your time doing. Who would you have been glad that you had been spending your time with (family & friends), working with (work and colleagues), where would you like to have lived, or visited,  who will you be glad you served (the greater community) and what did you want to achieve?


b) A Plan

“Imagination without implementation is hallucination.”

Kathy Ireland, former swimsuit model, mother, owner/entrepreneur, Kathy Ireland World Wide; net worth $350million.

Beginnning with the end in mind, making a plan is the next step to turning your dreams into reality. In the fitness world, this means working backwards from a goal race, it’s a written program to follow over days, months and in some cases even years. In the business world, this means a project plan and proper implementation of that, with sound advice. The plan doesn’t have to be ‘stuck to perfectly’ in fact, I’ve learnt that it’s better when it isn’t. My best projects have had both had a plan and enough space and room within that plan for adaptation and change – yet still the guideline are to be followed. It’s about following a program over a time-line, breaking your dream down into achievable steps, and then taking those steps towards your dreams that have meaning for you.

c) A guide or coach

This is a person you choose – literally, a guide, someone to show you the way and point you in the right direction. A coach is like another word for a guide, only not only do they point you in the right direction, they  help you write the map! And… make sure that the map is truly what your heart and your soul wants and feels purposeful and incredibly meaningful to you. When I have chosen to work with coaches – be it in life, sport or work – the most important thing to me is that it needs to ‘feel’ right. You listen, they listen and they bring out the best in you in surprising and amazing ways! I also like a coach to be switched on, experienced, smart and totally supportive.   I think a good coach  or guide is a little like a guardian angel, always listening, encouraging, giving you the truth and empowering you to shine. They use their own light to illuminate the path, all the while totally backing and supporting you on your way and teaching you to totally back and support yourself.



 Here is the realistic part. Don’t expect it to be easy, or at least don’t expect it to be easy all the time. In other words, part of living a wonderful life is overcoming the challenges, life is also about how you handle challenges, stress and difficult situations. So, here are a few of my, ‘game changing’ tools for those times:

a) Back yourself, support yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself. 

In tough situations it’s easy to fall into the blame game, blaming others or equally as bad, blaming yourself. My tip, is don’t waste your time, it doesn’t help. Accept the situation, look yourself in the eye and say something like “(your name) It is all safe and fine. I totally support you, I totally love you, I totally back you. Everything is working out for your highest good. From this experience good will come. All is well.”  (Last three sentences are affirmations from Louise Hay, self-love & affirmation queen and owner and publisher Hay House) Then you can move into the actions you need to take to get walking on your life path smoothly again.

b) Accept negative emotions like anger, stress, sadness, fear and anxiety and you are more likely to overcome them. (Tal Ben-Shahar, author: ‘Happier,’ and Harvard Positive Psychology lecturer) Then once you have accepted the negative emotions, I’ve found that  you can see the funny side, find the solutions, see it won’t last forever and get on with focusing on the positives in life. YOU can transcend the negative emotions.

c) Accept problems and then look for the solutions and implement them.

I believe you can be someone who looks for problems, or someone who looks for solutions. I prefer to look for solutions and refuse to play the ‘aint it awful game’.  In my research for a leading fitness magazine on successful businesses and individuals, one of the most common themes was being solution focused, rather than problem focused.

d) Ask for help from someone who knows their stuff

It’s important who you ask for help, and it’s even more important that you actually do it. Asking for help is a strength. Coaches, doctors, specialists, special friends, mentors, life-guides, wise family and friends are all examples of people that you might go to for help in the different areas of your life. The point is, that you do it, that you listen and then you feel encouraged and supported on your way.

So my lovely friends, Hope you enjoyed the blog – please share it with anyone you think it might help by email, Facebook, linked or any other way. Most of all, remember to love yourself and love life. Personally, my latest big goal and venture into a whole new field is….. in fact what you are reading now, this blog! So stay tuned as I blog more regularly with the goal to help you live your amazing life.

Cherish life.
Love Grace