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Live Your Amazing Life

March 13th, 2013

Hello my super friends,

Wow! I am super excited and happy to share with you that my new website is up:)


It has taken a little while in development so thank you to Laura Dinstell from www.simplestarterwebsites.com and Julie Parker from www.beautifulyoubyjulie.com who have been guiding, creating and helping me along the way.

It is so good to be able focus on service, helping people achieve their goals and live their own amazing life – and that is what the new website and my services are all about. I’ve taken on coaching clients already and am delivering motivational presentations on goal-setting, leadership and listening to your intuition and I’m so happy about it.

The best parts of coaching are helping my clients get fit, healthy and happy as they are training for some major goals like running, cycling and fitness events… some are even training for their first Ironman triathlons! It is good for them! The best parts of  my  motivational presentations are meeting the wonderful people, organisations and audiences, helping them discover their ‘inner leader’ and that they can achieve what seems like are impossible goals. Most recently  - it was especially meaningful to speak to a wonderful team of  NAB Bank Team leaders – thank you ladies and gentlemen at NAB:)

Anyway – live your dreams, deal with issues, overcome the negatives and get stuck into living your best and fabulous life. That is what you are truly here for.

Lots of love