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The Strength of A Positive Purpose

April 11th, 2013


Step up, live your highest purpose and take on a challenge.

Hello my super special friends,

Thank you for your messages of support, enthusiasm, love and encouragement on this blog. I was so thrilled to hear that many of you are really enjoying reading it… one of you even signed up for a marathon, wow! GO YOU!

It’s all about the power of positive purpose…

Philosophers, spiritual teachers, positive psychologists, health specialists and even urban-chic-sexy-wellness warriors…. all agree that humans need both pleasure and meaning in their lives in order to feel satisfied.  So, the pleasure part is pretty simple to understand: relax, smile, see something beautiful, feel excited, laugh, nestle in, get cosy & loved up, or pump your fists in glee and you can pretty much get the good feelings I’m talking about. Finding purpose though, and even better… positive purpose,  takes a bit more thought.  You need to ask yourself what is truly, truly important and meaningful to you and why you are doing your current activities  and check in that they have meaning.

When you know why you are doing what you are doing and engage in the present moment – life flows!

What is important to one person is completely different to what is important to another. We are all unique and different, that’s what makes us who we are… and, when we fully embrace who we are, it takes our lives to a whole greater level of magic and beauty.  Whether you are passionate about business, family, triathlon, music, books, fashion, antiques or anything else, it doesn’t matter at all, what truly matters is that it has meaning to you. 

Apart from family, which is super, super important to me, it’s also, always been incredibly meaningful to me to help kids in need.

And so, in walking my talk, I’m excited to share that I will be cycling on the all-female Liv Giant team for the Ride to Port; a 750-1000km ride all in aid of a great cause – ‘The Kids Foundation’ Charity.  It’s an added big bonus that I’ll be cycling with this bunch of awesome and fun girls, plenty of great supporters and representing my Giant Bikes Family. I’m also incredibly grateful to John, Mum, Deb and friends who have offered to help with pick ups and drop-offs and for ‘holding the forte’ and caring for the kids while I’ll be away. For those of you geographically minded and interested: here is our route:


Sunday April 28th, 2013 Mansfield – Albury

Monday April 29th, 2013 Albury – Canberra

Tuesday April 30th, 2013 Canberra – Picton

Wednesday May, 1st  2013 Picton – Shoal Bay

Thursday May, 2nd 2013 Shoal Bay – Port Macquarie

And, if you would like to donate and support us here is the link: 


This Ride To Port challenge is a great example of well-being & happiness for me because it utilises  four major keys to super awesome well-being and living an amazing life:

1)   Finding purpose and meaning in a challenge.  (POSITIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT)

2)   Contributing to others happiness or wellbeing and being of service to others. (KIDS FOUNDATION CHARITY)

3)   Being surrounded and supported by great people who you love & who love you and you believe in each other and your dreams. (POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS/TEAMWORK/COMMUNITY)

4)   Connecting to Mother Nature (CYCLING OUTSIDE/ SEEING THE COUNTRY)



It’s hard to write about positive purpose without thinking and talking about life-purpose in a spiritual sense because spiritually every single one of you have your own unique life purpose which is so, so special.  Your life-purpose is what you are passionate about, it’s what you are drawn towards, its what you are here to do in this life time, what is super important to your soul. And we all share common life-purposes too, such as to:

–      To remember love

–      To experience personal growth

–      To contribute to others and our planet well-being, or to be of service.

Sometimes, part of your life purpose sneaks up and takes you by surprise. One of clearest times that I have been enlightened with this is when I first became a mother and discovered I was pregnant with my son Billy.  It felt like a deep, ancient call to arms,  and was a game-changer for me.  I was reached by the reality of his presence; by being his mother. I knew I was there to nourish, protect, teach, strengthen, love and enjoy my time with this little being whom Spirit and Mother Nature had handed to me and I would not take this job for granted. You certainly don’t have to be a biological mother to feel this – fathers, brothers, sisters, coaches, mentors, guides and many others gladly and graciously step up to the plate and take on this role.
Purpose and meaning can be found everywhere when we know how to look. It can be in the small moments of each day or the small and large events in our lives. To quote a Harvard Health Publication:


“What gives your life meaning? Only you know.”

So, go on you! Go find something that has meaning for you and do yourself the honour of planning and doing it.

Lots of Love and blessings,



Yay I have some exciting business news….  I am currently working in collaboration with Tim Oldmeadow to launch our first app: ‘33 Inspirations with Grace!’ Some of you have bought the ebook with the same  title from my website and have sent in wonderful feedback.  Thank you, that is exactly what it is there for.  Both my books were created because I knew they could help people – so I’m always glad to hear when they have found their way into some beautiful soul’s hands. Tim is an absolute legend and pleasure to work with and it has truly been so enjoyable to make for you.

In collaboration with Tim Oldmeadow…
For a happy & healthy you.



Our renovation from ‘basement’ to ‘wellness centre’  is now complete. This is a wonderful and nourishing space especially for my healing and coaching work: Flower Essence Treatments and Life-coaching, Coaching  & Power consults. Stay tuned for more pics as it develops.

Healing, coaching, flower-essence & wellness space