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Busso 70.3 and how I stay motivated

May 14th, 2013

I am often asked how I stay motivated to stay fit and train and race for triathlon and other endurance events. The truth is, it is a part of me, something I love. I love to run, I love to cycle and I love to swim and I love to be surrounded by people who are not afraid to challenge themselves and want to improve and I think that in sport – you get to do this.

I am also, incredibly grateful and lucky to be supported by my  family, friends and sponsors. I especially love being an ambassador for and a part of the Liv Giant all female team – who are all about getting women on bikes comfortably, happily and helping you get the best out of yourself.

I love being around people who are willing to be a part of the process of growing and expanding at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and learn along their own individual journey. So after you read today’s blog, I challenge you, what sports or activities do you love? Why not find a little time to do a little more of it? Maybe set yourself a challenge and better yet, create time with family and friends or colleagues to do it together.

On the weekend I raced the 70.3 Busselton Triathlon with my sister Caroline, and friends Tully, Steve, James, Avon, AJ. It was particularly meaningful and awesome to have Pete McKenzie, my coach there too, spurring me on and encouraging and helping us. The night before, Pete, Caroline and I talked about how you cannot control everything, but that you can control how you respond to what might happen and  how you can stop yourself from getting caught up in the emotions of a negative situation – such as a slower swim  time or  a flat tyre. So you don’t let it ruin you race, so you can learn to let it go and move on and stay in the moment. We talked about how one of the best ways to do this is to focus on the process, such as your technique. It was amazing because on race day I had two challenges to overcome and  I was able to overcome both of them pretty quickly. In the swim, I was swarmed over and beaten up a bit at one of the buoys and felt a lot of anxiety, i talked myself out of it and regrouped and relaxed, then on the bike, I got a flat tyre and had to stop twice – yet I relaxed, refocused and  I used pit-stop successfully. So it probably only cost me about 2-4minutes fixing it. A special mention goes out to my racing colleagues Caroline – who placed third in her age-group, Avon who did a massive improvement on the bike and Steve and Tully on their first half-ironman finish!

For support my mum, Amelia (my daughter) and my sisters  daughters Charli and Lilli also came along. It was a fantastic weekend. I knew John was home and happy with Billy and his support has been amazing too. One of the highlights was Amelia and my sisters children (Charli and Lilli) doing the kids triathlon (image below).  It was personally fulfilling because my goals these days are to enjoy my training more and for it to benefit my family, friends, clients, colleagues and sponsors.

Amelia, Charli and Lilli

Amelia crossing finish line


 I want to say a huge, huge, thank you to my sponsors at Giant and Liv Giant, and also to CBD Cycles, Oakley and Powerbar.

Also, it is super exciting that my new app is out now!!! check it out at iTunes… click here

…And I have an exciting motivational speaking booking coming up soon, following on from the success of speaking with NAB Bank Team leaders.

Now, to finish and as a little loving motivator I am going to share with you a little of what I love about running, swimming and cycling:


The Run

I love to run. I love the steady beat of your feet hitting the ground, the rhythmic feel of your breath, the trees waving to greet you off your path and the motion; rocking you forward as you float above the earth. Sometimes you see a fellow walker, or runner or someone out and about and you might catch their eye and you both smile, the knowing smile of someone who knows that in that moment, there is peace and fulflment.

I love to focus on technique, stepping out just a little bit further, a slight forward tilt of your body from your ankles, a tight core, using your arms for momentum, relaxing and feeling at one with Mother Earth around you.


The ride

I sometimes feel like riding my Giant bike is the closest thing I have as a human being to flying; swooping down hills, beating my legs into a headwind and being held above ground by my bike. I love to be in the moment, making circles with the pedals, light hands on the bike handles. The great Eddie Murckz who is  largely renowned as the greatest cyclist ever, said that  your hands need to be like you are playing the piano, light and firm enough. It makes it an artform. Bum down, knees tracking above your ankles, relaxed shoulders. I love to ride my bike too.


The swim

When you are in the zone here it feels great. Strong, and relaxed, you are getting your length, catching the water, pulling through and pushing behind. Your stroke count is low. I love to get a strong kick up and power through the water, making my body streamlined, head down, eyes up just enough, the pointy part of your head is the bow of the boat, cutting through the water, rotating side to side. I’m no expert at swimming, I’m working on it – sometimes, I still love the feel of it though!


So John is off to ride stages of the Tour De France in July, I ‘m really looking forward to joining him here at home on some hilly training rides on my new Giant TCR Advanced SL 1.

Live Your Dreams.

Love Grace