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Making the most of who you are

June 4th, 2013

If there is one thing that motivates, inspires, up-lifts and causes you to rise in life, it is the powerful purpose of…


“Making the most of who you are… and your life.”






This means appreciating yourself first. If you do not love and appreciate yourself, how can you expect others to? I’m not saying this in an egotistical or comparing way, this doesn’t mean you think you are better or worse than anyone else… what it does mean, is that you appreciate YOUR self. You back yourself, support yourself and value your mind/body/soul as well as your unique talents and abilities. When you learn to share these talents and abilities with the world, then you are being of wonderful service to others and life really loves you even more:)

Good self-esteem is also about  letting go of doubts, criticism and comparisons – it is about making use of your tools and resources. Your gifts, talents, relationships,  environment, body/mind/soul are all unique and valuable. Always remember that you are unique and special simply because you are alive. Only you, can choose to  really dig deep and go for it in life. Only you, have the power to never give up what is really important to you.


When you step up to the plate of living your best life, life responds and gives you its best. That doesn’t mean its going to be easy though, life can be really tough. You can be knocked down hard, plenty of times and come up against some really difficult challenges which you won’t have any control over. What you can control however, is how you respond. You can look for ways to overcome negative situations and negative emotions and see them as learning experiences which one day, can make you stronger. For me, no matter how hard things seem, I’ve always found it is better to look for solutions rather than problems and engage with those solutions. I choose to focus on what matters most to me, treating others with respect and appreciation as I go, without judging  - and get on with living by my values.


Ask yourself who are you really?  And what is important to you? At your funeral, how do you want to have influenced, helped and touched people. Thinking about this is an incredible way of getting to the heart of how you want to live your entire life and keeping the flame of motivation burning bright for all your activities, be they work, play or otherwise.

Personally, I love life, I’ve never been afraid of death, I don’t mean to be morbid by saying that… I’ve just always known that we are all going to die eventually and rather, what I’m most of afraid of is not living life fully while I can and as best I can!

I’m alive, you are alive – so CHERISH LIFE! Cherish every moment of your life and make time for the people and activities that you cherish most.

Make the most of who you are.xxx

Lots of Love