Testimonials and Recommendations

“Grace recently took 50 of our Risk leaders, and future Risk leaders, for workshops on topics ranging from resilience and goal setting through to emotional intelligence and positive team work.

The feedback from all participants was  fantastic, and showed the level of detail and understanding that Grace brought to the sessions. These workshops have been extremely well received and we hope to have Grace return in the near future to ensure the momentum of the sessions continue”

~Nathan Pratt,  ANZ, Head of Global Alignment, Retail Risk, March 2015 

“Grace is a genuine person with integrity. She is a very skilled presenter both in a live setting and in front of the camera. She would be an assest to any organization that wanted to hire her.”

~Annie Crawford, Founder Can Too 

“I have known Grace for over 5 years now. I was looking for a personal trainer to help me get into shape to achieve my first Run for Kids 15km fun run. Over the months leading up to the event, not only did Grace provide exceptional training and coaching, she also became a close personal friend. Taking into account Grace’s ethics, moral standings, genuine care for people and family values, Grace was invited to become an official Ambassador of TLC for kids. In this role, Grace has continued to be a very strong and dedicated advocate for our cause, helping increase our network and raise much needed funds to help sick children. I am truly grateful to be able to call Grace a friend and if you have the opportunity to work with her, be it personal training or motivational speaking, or in any other capacity, I highly recommend her.” 

~Tim Conolan, CEO + Founder at TLC for kids 

“Grace is an amazing trainer, healer and presenter. She walks her talk and has a unique way of drawing people in to her message, encouraging them to be the best they can be. I highly recommended Grace for any presenting work. She has a beautiful way of connecting with an audience and leaving them wanting more.”

~Julie Parker, Beautiful You: Life & Business Coach, Counsellor 

“Without question, Grace is one of the most truly inspirational people we’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is selfless (even when she should be selfish), caring (often putting others before herself), positive (even when things are tough), and above all – a great leader to all people from all walks of life. So if you haven’t read her book – go and buy a copy (no – buy 2, and give the other as a gift to someone who YOU care about), and hire her as a MC and/or Guest Speaker (a true professional). Thanks Grace – not only have you made a difference in our lives here in our business, but also many of our clients.”

~Hari Maragos, Principal – Certified Financial Planner at Victoria Wealth Management Pty Ltd 

“Grace is a wonderful teacher and motivator. She is skilled and intuitive in her approach to everything she does. She has the ability to inspire and uplift with her teaching, writing and public speaking.”

~Deborah Stevens, Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional 

“Grace is a delight to work with and a wonderful motivator. Her compassionate nature makes her perfect for speaking enagagements. I highly recommend her skills and abilities.”

~Carol fox, Entertrainer – Providing fun, informative & relevant training programs 

What readers are saying about Grace’s book:

“Thank you for writing your book. You are amazing!! So incredible, beautiful and inspirational. I see myself in so many parts of your life and to see how you created so many positives and such a wonderful life is comforting. I loved the honesty and purity of the book. You are so brave to have put pen to paper so eloquently! After reading your book, I feel strong and empowered! I’m ready to set new goals! And I’m looking forward to taking your affirmations and using them to turn my dreams into reality.”



“An amazing story about a great person and how important life is for each of us and being around the right people.” ~ Rohan


“From the moment I started reading I couldn’t put it down! Over the years, I’ve collected my own library of spiritual books which I’ve turned to on many occasions in time of need, your book now takes pride of place! Isn’t it amazing when you put pen to paper and open up your soul others do the same! I do believe we “pick our parents” to learn valueable life lessons, I firmly believe I’ve had a Guardian Angel watching over me because I’ve been blessed with a good life. Real richness doesnt come from money but from people, thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much for adding to the richness of my life. I’m in awe – I admire you so very much!.”


So honest and inspiring – well done!

“Congratulations on the launch of your book, “You are a Wonderful Mother.” – So honest and inspiring – well done! You must be very proud of your achievement in writing the book and giving joy and inspiration to the many people who will read it. Not only should you be proud of your book, but of your two beautiful children.”


It amazes me at how many similar thoughts and feelings we have about being a mother I honestly believe it was my one true calling in life- I also believe that my two beautiful girls chose me to be their mum and I also believe this is my chance to inspire and help these two beautiful girls become what ever they want to be.”



“Enjoying your book Grace, you should be very proud of it.” ~ Lachlan


“Just finished your book! Amazing! I could not put it down, was so angry needed to work today and had to leave it till after work! U r an amazing person who is very inspiring! U have helped me register on my first tri, small one albeit, but so excited for the challenge! Let me know If u free to train me! Lol! Well done grace, I hope others enjoy this book as much as see the parallels to their lives and success waiting to be embraced! .”




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